English Drama Festival

Argiris Hatzopoulos

Wednesday 6th of June 2013, 20.00

Τhessaloniki Olympic Museum

Ag. Dimitriou & 3rd Septemvriou


Learn English Thought Drama

This year, for the first time at English Language Courses Argiris Hatzopoulos the Drama Club was established. Students were separated in groups of 8, according to their age and level of English and, under the teaching and guidance of dramatists – actors Penny Graikou and Stavros Billios, they participated in collective activities combining games, imagination and movement. Through these activities, which took place in a “free” environment (without the stress of control and evaluation) for two hours every Saturday, students learnt to dramatize events from the world of fantasy (fantasy play), read and comprehend texts written in English and identify with characters and their emotions. They were also given the opportunity to practice interpreting roles and representing situations.

The three performances we are about to watch today are the end product of this effort which will surely be continued.

Thank you for your presence,

Argiris Hatzopoulos

Gruffalo by Julia Donalson

Dramatist: Penny Graikou

Mama Squirel Katerina Konstantinidou

Eleni Alexandridou

Little Squirel 1 Vasilis Kotopoulos

Little Squirel 2 Anna Maria Krimtse

Little Squirel 3 Sophia Apostolidou

Fox Victoria Sidou

Mouse Giorgos Volidis

Owl Ioanna Andreopoulou

Snake Athanasia Kontogiorgi

Gruffalo Thrasivoulos Marakas

Gruffalo's child by Julia Donalson

Directors: Stavros Billios

Mama Squirel Eleni Kokkali

Grandma Squirel Eleana Savvidou

Little Squirel 1 Amalia Koutsoupia

Little Squirel 2 Margarita Driva

Little Squirel 3 Despina Stergiou

Fox Artemi Soubasi

Mouse Tania Agathaggelidou

Owl Vasileia Afxonidou

Snake Ourania Karabela

Gruffalo Spiros Foutakis

Gruffalo's child Danai Stoikopoulou

Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate by D. M. Larson

Directors: Penny Graikou

Peggy Nefeli Stoikopoulou

Scummy Aggelos Athanasiou

Captain Sludge Nefeli Giouzeli

Captain Soggy Athena Pallikaridou

Grunt Anna Vafeiadou

Sea monster Chionia Zeltsengo

Mom monster Melina Agathaggelidou

Pinfire Pirate Mirto Foutaki

Spooky Pirate Georgia Apostolou

Bad Rum Macon Pirate Christina Chatzistogiannoudi

Lany the Lazy Pirate Christina Sambanoglou

Sack the White Pirate Irene Sambanoglou

Crazy Pirate Alexia Pallikaridou

Green White Pirate Christina Taralaikou