An interactive whiteboard is a digital device able to interact with a computer and display pictures/video and other data onto a board.

This device is used for visual presentation in classrooms. The pages of the book are displayed onto the interactive whiteboard in video or cartoon and the student has the ability to change the story, write and give answers to questions, do exercises etc.

Interactive whiteboards first appeared in the area of education of Britain in 2007 covering 98% of the schools of Secondary education and 100% of the schools of Primary education.

A research conducted in Britain by an instructional and technological organization showed the following facts:

  • Increase of enthusiasm and interest
  • More opportunities to participate and collaborate
  • Development of social and personal skilfulness
  • Less note-keeping in class
  • Increased response and ability to assimilate complex meanings
  • Better learning for children with various styles of teaching (acoustic, visual, kinesthetic)
  • Increase of self-esteem