At English Language Courses we have organized studies in nine levels, Level 100-900 and providing that a child begins his/her studies in our school at the age of nine (3rd Grade of Primary School), no later than six years, that is at the 2nd Grade of Junior High School, he/she will be able to take and succeed in the examination of Lower (FCE, ECCE). At eight years, that is at the 1st Grade of Senior High School he/she will be able, not only due to his/her knowledge but also due to his/her maturity, to take the examination of Proficiency in English having a significant chance of succeeding.

Because the nine levels of studies do not correspond to calendar years and also because the program of studies is particularly flexible and adjustable to the special abilities and rate of every student, many kids, maybe most of them, and that is our goal, can cover two levels in one teaching year, so then can take the examination sooner.

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