Every second year (our last visit took place in summer 2009) students of Lower and Proficiency levels have the opportunity to travel, reside and attend English courses in Colleges of Britain.

The program lasts two weeks and includes morning classes of English (every day 9.00 – 13.00p.m.) and, in the evening, visits to neighbouring towns and museums and other activities inside and out of the campus where contact and acquaintance of children with the local society and culture of the country are intended.

Thus, in a foreign environment, students realize the need of learning a language as means of communication.

Announcement for 2009


in England (junior aged 13-17)
England Summer Camp

St Mary’s School, Cambridge1

As in previous years, when more than 60 students had the chance to live the experience of everyday life in a college of Britain, this year also English Language Courses and Argyris Hatzopoulos offers to his students of levels 700, 800, 9002 the opportunity to travel, reside and attend courses of English in Cambridge for a period of 15 days in summer of 2009.

The program lasts two weeks, from April 8 to July 22 and apart from morning courses of English language includes evening visits to surrounding towns and museums and multiple activities inside and out of the campus.

Concorde International3 (the institution with which we collaborate for 4 years) aims at an “active” participation of students in the learning process. For that reason, apart from morning courses (everyday 9.00 – 13.00 p.m.) held by English professors in classrooms where students are classified according to their level, during evening hours Concorde International organizes multiple activities prompting students to get in contact and be acquainted with local society and culture of the country. This way, students within a real foreign environment realize the need of learning a language as means of communication.

In every activity inside and out of the campus, students are accompanied by college persons in charge, me and a teacher of English Language Courses School. Τhis year students have the opportunity to reside and get acquainted with the University of Cambridge one of the worlds’ most famous universities.

The number of students that participate in the program will not exceed 30 and the cost of participation amounts to 1800 Εuro4.

Whoever desires to participate has to apply until Monday the 8th of December (applications must be submitted as soon as possible so as to buy the plane tickets). A down payment of 150 Euro stands for reservation of one of the 30 places.

Argyris Hatzopoulos

[1] http://www.stmaryscambridge.co.uk/index.php
[2] in case participation of 30 students of the aforementioned levels is not reached, students of level 600 can also apply.

[3] http://www.concorde-int.com/Junior-Mary.htm
the price includes all expenses (accommodation, nutrition, courses, excursions, plane tickets).