Argiris Hatzopoulos

Argiris Hatzopoulos

I was born and grew up in Thessaloniki.

I graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I followed postgraduate studies at the University of Kent, U.K., majoring in Applied Linguistics.

I teach English for 13 years.
For 11 years I have been teaching in small groups of 4-5 persons and as time went by, through constant updating and experimentations I worked out a personal teaching method. This method not only brought results as far as acquiring certificates is concerned but it also cultivated a special interest, love I would say, in English language. Furthermore, students created a bond between them because they had the feeling of belonging to a group.

The increased interest of people in attending courses drove me to create a contemporary and esthetically modern Center of English Language, where I intended to maintain the philosophy, aims and the method that I have had successfully worked out. This effort demanded skillful collaborators and their adjustment to the existing teaching method. I managed to select carefully 5 permanent collaborators with significant academic and instructional experience and potentials and to systematize my instructional philosophy.

Results have been impressive. Within 2 years of operation of the English Language Courses, students of ours acquired 170 Michigan and Cambridge certificates.

As you may have discovered, for me English Language Courses and in general teaching English is not only a profession; it is a way of life in which my daily relation to the students, you and my collaborators, the constant experimentation and pursuit of more thorough and creative ways of conquering English language, fills me up with joy and satisfaction.

Argyris Hatzopoulos